Where Are They Now?

Take a look at where our past students are now!


Nick graduated from our CFI program in November 2020.
He's currently a FO with SkyWest Airlines and is looking to upgrade!

His advice to new pilots: "Stay consistent with your training, keep detailed records and try your best to market yourself and make friends. Making it to an airline, if that's what you'd like to do, is hard work but comes faster than you think!"


"I'm currently flight instructing at Lewis University, almost at 900 total hours. I hope to go to training to become an airline pilot for a regional in the near future. I started instructing at a part 61 school prior to instructing at a 141 program and my biggest advice to new pilots or CFI's is to never stop learning or asking questions! Your knowledge is constantly growing, especially when it is challenged.

This summer I had the opportunity to shadow some missionary pilots in Kenya and Uganda through an internship with AIM Air. Some big differences of flying over there is that they never know what the weather is since metars and forecasts are rare. Their radio calls to ATC also include a lot more information in them since radar is in and out as well. Most of their runways are dirt runways near villages which are usually near rivers, so the pilots have to worry about the runway becoming unsafe to land due to being washed out or too wet.

I enjoyed my time at the flying school and wish the best to anyone who attends!"
Congratulations Allison and we look forward to hearing about your next great adventure!!!!