The instructor Ken was awesome. He shared a lot of knowledge of how to fly the plane and about the business. He was personable and we had a lot of fun. The flying was amazing and Ken showed us a quite a few techniques. I would definitely recommend checking this out whether it's a 1 time experience or you are serious about looking into becoming a pilot.


Owner, Trader Brothers

My experience at The Flying School was nothing short of spectacular. I came to The Flying School to earn my Flight Instructor Certificate, they offer a great accelerated CFI course where I could get both my CFI-A and CFI-I in a little under a month. The airplanes are in great tip top shape unlike most other flight schools where airplanes are barely legal, and being able to schedule an examiner was also a breeze. The Flying School is a family run business by the owners Kelly and Dan, who are nothing but great people! The school is more on the small side, but only made the experience that much better. I received a lot of one on one training with my instructors which I find to be very beneficial when learning about complicated topics. The school is there to help you with all your piloting needs and I highly recommend anyone considering flight training! Best of luck!

Mike A

I had a great experience training for my private pilot license at The Flying School. The instructors were very knowledgeable, friendly, and accommodating of my schedule. Their aircraft are well maintained and they have a mix of traditional and glass panel aircraft. I highly recommend using The Flying School for flight training.

David M

I just wanted to follow up and say thank you. I completed my flight review this morning with Mr. David Johnson and also met Chief Instructor, Mr. Jay Turnbull. Your staff is extremely professional and went well beyond my expectations. Mr. Turnbull made sure that I was taken care of and set up with the airplane and instructor on time. Mr. Johnson was one of the best flight instructors that I have flown with and was extremely helpful in my transition from Florida flying to Colorado flying. I look forward to working with you all more starting in December/January to finish my Instrument-CFII.

Michael S